What you need to know about JavaScript!

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world

Before you dive into JavaScript, you need to know some basic HTML, CSS and if you’re not familiar with these then it’s totally fine. In this article, I will try to cover some basics of JavaScript.

Primitive Values

Numbers are basically use for doing mathematical calculation

Strings are needed for representing texts

Booleans (true, false) are used for logical operations

Null is used to represent intentionally missing values

Undefined used for unintentionally missing values

We can also get the type of values in the console. For example,

typeof(5) is a number
This is represented as an “object”
This is also an object
As this a bunch of texts
As we didn’t define JavaScript yet
This also represents an object

So basically, we can see that {} and others are used to group related data and code of objects. Now, what are functions? It’s actually referred to as code. For example,

function add(x,y){

return x+y;



The function actually takes the value and return something as output.

Now let’s talk about some coding styles in JavaScript.

Coding convention in JavaScript

Initially, we’ll declare the function and right after that we’ll give the name of the function and take parameter(s) to pass it through the scope and do the needed tasks and return it. However, we can declare the variables as var, const, or let but as we’ll be doing something with this variable that is why we’ve declared this as let.

Cross Browser Testing

The work process for testing and bug fixes on a project can be separated into generally the accompanying four stages

Initial planning > Development > Testing/discovery > Fixes/iteration

Initial Planning




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